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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
446Go-LabTaskNewNormalGeneral action logging API10/07/2013 05:28 PM
445Go-LabTaskNewNormalSpace based logging from shindig to LA Backend10/07/2013 05:30 PM
444Go-LabTaskNewNormalMultiplexing of logs10/07/2013 05:30 PM
443Go-LabTaskNewNormalAction logging -> Hypothesis Tool10/07/2013 05:27 PM
442Go-LabTaskNewNormalAction Logging -> Concept Mapper10/07/2013 05:26 PM
441Go-LabTaskNewNormalAction logging format10/07/2013 05:35 PM
440Go-LabMilestoneNewNormalWorkbench integration10/07/2013 05:22 PM
438Go-LabMilestoneNewNormalLab Repository & Bartering platform10/07/2013 04:15 PM
437Go-LabMilestoneNewNormalIntegration into ILS prototype10/07/2013 05:45 PM
436Go-LabMilestoneNewNormalAction logging10/07/2013 05:30 PM
435Go-LabMilestoneNewNormalData formats10/07/2013 05:36 PM
434Go-LabMilestoneNewNormalPerformance dashboard10/07/2013 05:39 PM
430Go-LabMilestoneNewNormalScenarios10/07/2013 05:49 PM
416MANUELAFeatureNewNormalSmooth out the input of the leap-motionNick Overdijk08/28/2013 09:54 AM
415MANUELAFeatureNewNormalSmooth out the input of the leap-motionNick Overdijk08/28/2013 09:54 AM
414MANUELABugNewNormalDetermine feasibility of getting the positionKetan Vyavahare08/28/2013 11:06 AM
413MANUELATaskNewNormalWrite required methods for controlling and for gui feedback...Jelle Galgenbeld08/27/2013 11:32 PM
412MANUELABugNewNormalSubtask for: "GUI should provide feedback on the position of the hand and how it is interpreted"08/27/2013 04:23 PM
411MANUELAFeatureNewNormalMapping of hand gestures to PS3 Controller State08/28/2013 11:11 AM
410MANUELAFeatureNewNormalMapping of hand gestures to the AR Drone commands08/27/2013 11:43 PM
409MANUELAFeatureNewNormalCreate the Instructor GUIPaul Parenko08/27/2013 04:02 PM
407MANUELAMilestoneNewNormalPresentation08/26/2013 04:13 PM
406MANUELAMilestoneNewNormalFinalize08/26/2013 04:11 PM
405MANUELAMilestoneNewNormalFeedback/Instructor08/26/2013 04:09 PM
404MANUELAMilestoneNewImmediateControlling the Drone with the Leap Controller08/26/2013 04:06 PM

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