A plugin emulating the Digalo discussion environment.


A discussion is formed by contributions and links in between. Contributions are represented by graph nodes and links by graph edges. Participants of the discussion may add, edit, arrange, connect and delete theses discussion elements.

The contributions have a title providing a short summary of the contribution, a text note for a longer description or other content and the creator of the node. The title of the contribution is always visible whereas the long description is only visible when the node has been expanded via the arrow. The content of the contribution can be edited in a contribution dialog appearing on double-click.

palette argunaut

Furthermore the contribution’s visual representation can be modified. This includes the background and border colors, the font type and the font size. The user can also change the type of the contribution, if he recognizes that he has not used the appropriate contribution type. This is done by a pop-menu which can be accessed by a right-click on the contribution node.


A moderated FreeStyler session

In the Argunaut project, FreeStyler is embedded into the Paseo framework. It runs as an internal application. To achieve the goals of Argunaut, FreeStyler was extended to support the visualization of moderator’s interventions, such as annotations, highlighting, remote pointer, pop-up and text messages.

  • Annotations are shown as yellow shapes that are connected to the elements currently being annotated.
  • Highlighted elements change their border to a thicker red border and back to their original state.
  • Pop-up messages are shown in a pop-up dialog.
  • A text box in the lower right corner shows text messages from the moderator.
  • The remote pointer is visualized as a second pointer inside FreeStyler

PaletteArgunaut.png (33.4 KB) Johanna Schloetmann, 05/07/2013 12:00 PM

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