KinectCut - Wiki

What is "KinectCut"?

KinectCut was created at the "Computer Science Summer Camp 2012" by océ in Venlo.
It's a generic software to control every program you want to control.

With this video, you can take a look at the working program.

How To Start

Follow the instructions at Kinect Open Source Programming Secrets to install PrimeSense and OpenNI.
There are installation guides for windows, mac and ubuntu.

Start KinectCut

To start the "KinectCut" program, connect the Kinect to your pc and than start the "BodyParser".
In the down right corner of your screen a feedback window will open. From now on, you can switch to any program you want to control.


At the beginning, you have to calibrate the Kinect by doing the Psi-Pose, which means that you have to stand in front of the Kinect, your upper arms have a 90° angle to the side of your body and your forearms show straight up.

The wire-frame shown in the feedback window will imitate your movement. If you're standing like the wire-frame above, wait until the left icon on top turns green, which means that you are calibrated now.

The mode arm

At the moment, you have four different modes of controlling a program with KinectCut: scroll, zoom, swipe and controlling the mouse. To switch between these modes, you have to use your left arm. Don't get confused, when the wire-frame is lifting the right arm, it's because of the mirror the Kinect uses.
The angles should be 90° as accurate as possible.

Scroll mode

When you are in the position shown below, you can use your right hand to scroll up and down. Just move the right hand up to scroll down and move the right hand down to scroll up.

Zoom mode

In the position "Zoom" you can move your right hand up to do a "zoom in" and move the right hand down to do a "zoom out".

Swipe mode

At the moment, the swipe mode is doing a "next page" and "previous page" control. For the "next page", move your right hand from the right to the left. For the "previous page" move your right hand from the left to the right.

Mouse mode

When in mouse mode, you can control the movement of the mouse with your right hand. Just move the hand the same way you want the mouse pointer to move. To perform a click, stamp with your left foot.