Comparison to other TupleSpaces


SQLSpaces Blitz JavaSpaces IBM TSpaces
Version 3.10.0 2.1.4 3.1
Producer Collide Research Group private open source project IBM
License client LGPL/servr AGPL BSD license free trial
primitive tuples Yes Yes Yes
object-oriented tuples Yes, with OTM Yes Yes
basic operations Yes Yes Yes
blocking operations Yes Yes Yes
callback support Yes Yes Yes
expiration/leases Yes Yes Yes
xml support basic XPath queries
disjoint spaces Yes Yes
transactions Yes Yes Yes
connections to unified spaces Yes
user management Yes Yes
space-based rights Yes
versioning Yes
graphical investigation Yes Yes Yes
access via interactive shell Yes
animated realtime investigation Yes
multilingual interface C#, Ruby, Prolog, PHP
encrypted connections Yes Yes
reverse structured naming Yes ?
inverse fields Yes ?
semi-formal fields Yes ? Yes
wildcard fields Yes
web service interface Yes
XMPP tunneling possible Yes
bounded queries Yes Yes
persistency Yes Yes basic

If you think that the values of the other implementations are wrong, please inform us!