The Ruby client is the only official client that uses the web service interface. It was developed in Ruby 1.8.7 and uses the SOAP4R gem in the version 1.5.7. For earlier and later versions of Ruby it has not been tested, but there should be no problems (and if there are any, please mail us!). However, regarding the SOAP4R gem it is very important to use 1.5.7 and not 1.5.8, since there were some changes that will break the web service communication.

Since the Ruby client uses the Web Service interface, be sure to have that deployed!

  • The Ruby data type system is not automatically mappable to the Java data types. Therefore you need to manually specify the datatypes whenever you create a field.
  • Mind the missing features of the Ruby client in [comparison to the Java client! (see the comparison for details)

For some code examples on how to use this client in detail, it is recommended to look at the file ws_client_test.rb, where many standard use cases are covered.