Vizard Demo

One of our internal projects lead to the following application of the Vizard:


As you see, we have quite some agents involved and the whole "tuple thunderstorm" is triggered by only one new tuple at the beginning. You'll also notice that JavaFX gets some problems in visualizing all actions properly simply because there are so many, but anyway, this gives a nice impression of how complex the interaction between agents can be.

Eightpuzzle in Swing

This is a simple example for the interaction between clients of different languages. It is an implementation of the popular Eightpuzzle game with a user interface in Java Swing, which writes its current state in a tuplespace, and a Prolog agent, which analyzes this state and gives feedback whether or not the last move was good.

In the screenshot you see the UI and in the background a Prolog shell that contains the agent.

Eightpuzzle on Android Devices

This is a modification of the upper example that uses the Android client inside an Android app.