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h1. Wiki SQLSpaces

On the following pages you can find any information about the SQLSpaces.
In the main-section is a list of all published versions and contact-information.
In the documentation-section you can have a look at some showcases. There is also a How-To to ease your first steps with the SQLSpaces. If you have further questions, have a look at the FAQs.

Have fun with it!

h2. Documentation

h3. Version History

A history of all published version can be found [[Version History|here]].

h3. Showcases

[[Showcases|Here]] we have collected some examples for you to get a quick impression of how SQLSpaces can be used and what the advantages are.

h3. How-To

If you want to start working with SQLSpaces, [[Howto|this How-To]] should help you and introduce you to all the possibilities of the SQLSpaces.

h3. JavaDoc

You can find the JavaDoc "here":

h3. FAQ

h3. Publications

If you use SQLSpaces for scientific projects, please cite the following publication:

_Stefan Weinbrenner, Adam Giemza, H. Ulrich Hoppe_ *Engineering Heterogeneous Distributed Learning Environments Using Tuple Spaces as an Architectural Platform*. Proceedings of the 7th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies *(ICALT 2007)* pp. 434-436, Los Alamitos, CA.,2007

[[Publications|Here]] you can find a number of additional publications about the SQLSpaces and systems that use them.

h3. Testimonials


h2. Contact

If you have any questions, problems, feature proposals or similar don't hesitate to write us an email. Also if you are using SQLSpaces and have some thoughts you want to share or simply if your life as a programmer has become better since you are using SQLSpaces, just write us :)