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Philipp Gerling, 08/27/2014 10:25 AM


The REST Service is used as a central data access point.
Two URLs are used:


This service contains a md5 hash of the whole JSON Dataset we use. Its used to figure out if the smartphone has to download the data again.

1. Pull hash
2. if (known md5 == new md5) {
do nothing - you have the up-to-date data
else {
pull new data from watchthisdata/


Contains a JSON Object of the whole data we have.

"name":"printer name",
"type": "RED" or "YELLOW",
"claimed": false or "USER-NAME",
"messagse": [LIST OF MESSAGES]
"timeleft": 0seconds - time left, till error gets worse (eg. yellow->red, paper out, ink out...)
}, {